Friday, September 11, 2009

I heart my RE!!!

I had my first appointment last Friday. She is an amazing women who has already set us up to have our first IUI this month! I am so excited to have a game plan. She said everything looked great in my file transferred from my OBGYN but wanted to run a couple blood tests to double check a few things.
The results are in:
-No thyroid problems
-Not a carrier for cystic fibrosis
-O+ blood type (I had no idea what is was so they checked)
-My prolactine level came back a little high so I have to have my blood checked again tomorrow.
I have my clomid ready which is now 100mg instead of the 50mg I was taking for the last three months. I start clomid tomorrow and am hopeful for double lines this month! I keep telling the hubby that the reason we have to wait so long for a baby is because we are getting twins! I would love that. I just get so afraid that it will take us forever to get pregnant and when we do we won't be able to have another. I feel so foolish complaining about thinking I will only have one baby considering that hasn't happened yet. I know God is just so excited to give us our miracle but something keeps distracting Him from pulling the trigger.
Here's to NO DISTRACTIONS this month!
Love, prayers and hope- I know our babies and your babies are coming, we will wait together!


  1. Good luck! Yea for having an awesome doctor. I feel the same way about twins :D

  2. Im so happy you like your RE! I can't wait until I finally get into mine! I wish you luck for this cycle!